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Chop Shop Bloody Scene Setter Decoration Kit

Chop Shop Decorating Kit.Includes: One Chop Shop Decorating Roll.Dimensions: Approximately 4' High x 12' Wide.No, not cut and shut, this Chop Shop is some kind of mental butchers' Shop. Forget vampires' lairs and Haunted Houses. You've come to an insane slaughterhouse. There is blood everywhere and it looks like liver is on the menu. You get everything shown in the image to decorate the walls of your venue. Each roll measures approximately 4' high x 12' wide. Put both rolls together to create a gory and bloody scene.Please Note: All Add-Ons are printed on 2 sheets that measure approximately 65" high x 33.5" wide.Add-Ons contain an assortment of items that are printed on 1 or more sheets and need to be cut out separately.Please Note: This wall scene will only fit on 1 wall (approximately 8' high x 12' wide).

Haunted Sound & Motion Activated Portrait

Haunted Sound & Motion Activated Portrait

Haunted Gentleman Portrait

Haunted Pictures Haunted Gentleman Portrait.Includes: One Medium Sized Haunted Gentleman Portrait.Dimensions: 12 x 13 inches.Get your Place decorated this halloween With Haunted Pictures Haunted Gentleman Medium Size. lenticular picture frames. change from normal portrait to scary one.

Bloody Wall Backdrop

Bloody Wall Backdrp 4Fx30F,The Bloody Wall Backdrop is a gruesomely awesome backdrop for any haunted house or halloween party. This backdrop measures 4 feet tall by 30 feet wide. The background of the backdrop is white, with red bloody splatters all over. It is made of a thin plastic and it can be attached to your wall with thumb tacks, or double stick tape. Backdrop can be cut to fit any size.

Scary Ghoul Lenticular Portrait

Scary Ghoul Lenticular Portrait

Bloody Freaky Fabric

Bloody Freaky Fabric

Haunted Couple Lenticular Portrait

Haunted Couple Lenticular Portrait

The Chop Shop Bloody Wall

The Chop Shop Bloody Wall

Catacombs Backdrop

Catacombs Backdrop.Includes: One Catacombs Backdrop.Dimensions: Approximately 4' Wide x 30' Long. *Props and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. Complete your haunted house with this Catacombs Backdrop Temporary Wall Decor! Approximately 4' W x 30' L. A great addition to your Halloween decor!

Creepy Carnival Value Pack

Creepy Carnival Value Pack

3D Skull Mirror Grabber

3D Skull Mirror Grabber.Includes: One 3D Skull Mirror Grabber.Dimensions: 61cm x 30.5cm.This takes our glass grabbers one stage further. The phantom actually appears to be coming through the mirror. Large removable decoration that clings to mirrors and windows. Printed design and a 3D face.

Blood Weapons Garland

Blood Weapons Garland.Includes: One 7 1/2ft Bloody Weapons Garland.Dimensions: 7 1/2ft.As they say, the right tools for the right job! Perfect for decorating your haunted house or haunted party. Decoration includes 7 1/2ft of slicing, dicing, slashing, chopping, stabbing and cutting fun. Tools are made of durable plastic and can be hung inside or outdoors. Yes, they look used but they will come nicely packaged and brand new, no additional charge for the blood!