Zombie Accessories

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Zombie Grave Adult Wig

Zombie Grave Adult Wig.Includes: One Zombie Grave Adult Wig. Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens. *Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. Get that risen-from-the-grave look with our Grave Zombie Wig. It will assist in giving you the flesh hungry undead monster appeal. Our Grave Zombie Costume Wig features a blend of grey and green hair in a messy, tousled style. Use this costume wig as an accessory to your walking undead or zombie monster costume to give it that creepy, dead look. You will look like something from out of the video games Dead Island, Plants vs. Zombies and Left 4 Dead!

Zombie Temporary Tattoos

Zombie Temporary Tattoos.Includes: One Package of Zombie Temporary Tattoos. *Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. Join the apocalypse and top of your walking dead costume with our Zombie Temporary Tattoos. Your reanimated corpse is surely in need of some grotesque, bleeding effects. Our Zombie Temporary Tattoo Set includes a bleeding bullet wound, bloody cut, sewn up wound with stitches and a bloody flesh wound infested with maggots. These grotesque temporary tattoos are the perfect finishing accessory to any scary Zombie costume. You'll love the easy application and simple removal of these zombie tattoos!

Grave Robber Zombie Adult Wig

Grave Robber Zombie Adult Wig.Includes: One Grave Robber Zombie Adult Wig. Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens. *Makeup, Blood and Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. The zombie apocalypse has made its way to the graveyard and this Grave Robber did not escape the contagious virus. Our Grave Robber Zombie wig features a bald gray scalp cap with long, disheveled grey hair with a light hue of green in some of the strands. It is sure to give you that authentic unsettling undertaker look. The Grave Robber Zombie Wig will give you the eerie appearance of a mad man for your scary zombie costume. To complete the appearance of your mindless state, be sure to get a zombie make-up kit to blend the bald cap for added realism!

Long Grey Wig

It included 28inch Long Hair Wig.It is Grey In color.

Eyeball Splatter Headband

Eyeball Splatter Headband

Zombie Brains Hair Stix

Zombie Brains Hair Stix

Zombie Hunter Axe

Zombie Hunter Axe.Includes: One Zombie Hunter Axe. *Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. Need a weapon to tear into fresh flesh? This costume axe will do the job for any Zombie. Realistic size and detail. Fresh looking gory blood splatter. Finish off your horror costume in style.

Ghostly Gal Grey Wig

Ghostly Gal Grey Wig

Corpse Bride Adult Wig

Corpse Bride Adult Wig.Includes: One Corpse Bride Adult Wig.Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens. *Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. WARNING!!: Not intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.Complete your Tim Burton Corpse Bride costume with this Corpse Bride Adult Wig!Made in China.

Zombie Molded Gloves

Zombie Molded Gloves;Get down and dirty in the hospital emergency room with our Zombie Doctor Molded Gloves. This costume accessory is sure to have your patients running in fear of their lives. Our Zombie Doctor Molded Gloves features a pair of blue rubber fingerless gloves covered in blood stains with exposed latex bone fingers that look to be rotting right through. It will appear that the surgical procedure went bloody bad! Our Zombie Doctor Molded Gloves with molded bone fingers is an ideal accessory for enhancing your Zombie, Mad Scientist or Scary Doctor costume for a look of horror you'll love!

Rocked Out Zombie Wig

Rocked Out Zombie Wig

White Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs

White Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs.Includes: One Pair of White Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs. Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults. *Shoes, Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. These bloody thigh high stockings are great with our scary school girl costumes. Complete a sexy vampire or zombie costume with these bloody thigh highs.