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Eliminator 700 Watt Fog Machine with Remote Control

Eliminator 700 Watt Fog Machine with Remote Control.Includes: One 700 Watt Heater and 10' Wired Remote.Dimensions: Height (8") x Width (8") x Depth (16").Weight: 8 lbs.The E-119 Fog Machine has a powerful 700 Watt Heater and 10' wired remote. This fogger uses only water based fog juice and displaces 3,500 cubic ft. of fog per minute.

Party Fog Machine 1000W with Remote

Fog Machine 1000w with Remote

Fog Liquid 1 Gallon

Fog Liquid 1 Gallon

Fog Machine Cleaning Liquid

Fog Machine Cleaning Liquid

Fog Machine Remote Control with Timer

Fog Machine Remote Control Timer.Includes: One Fog Machine Remote Control Timer.Features: Works with all Lite-works fog machines, Duration Control and Interval Control.Party on with this Party Fog Machine Timer Control! This kit will work with all Lite-works fog machines. It has a variable output control, a manual ouput control, and a variable timer control. This is great for parties and high school dances.

Ground Fogger

Ground Fogger.Includes: One Ground Fogger. *Fog Juice Not Included. Sold Separately. Just add fog fluid, plug into standard household outlet and you'll be in the mood in minutes. Use Ground Fogger for Halloween parties and haunted houses and for house parties all year long. The Ground Fogger creates 2000 cu. ft. of frightening low lying fog per minute. Since the fog doesn't rise quickly into the air, you can create extra scary effects at floor level. Its compact size also makes this unit ideal for mobile DJ's, parties, or special events. *A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR ANY HAUNTED HOUSE SHOW!!

Fog Machine Cleaner

Fog Machine Cleaner; Fog machine cleaner is something you should run through your fog machine before you store your fogger for the season. It cleans out any fog chemicals so that your machine isn't clogged up when you use it the following year.

400w Mini Fog Machine with Remote

400w Mini Fog Machine with Remote