Woochie Groovy Ghoul Makeup Kit

Groovy Ghoul Makeup Kit.Includes: One Groovy Ghoul Makeup Kit.Colors Include: Dead Guy Grey, Undead Purple and Black.When only the best will do. Professional quality special fx make-up used in the film and theater industry. We give the easiest most realistic and the most stunning bang for your buck. EZ Makeup FX Ghoul Kit Includes Dead Guy Grey, Undead Purple and Black cream makeup Professional synthetic brush Colorless powder Makeup sponge Powder puff.
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There's nothing that says that just because you're a grave robbing phantom you can't be both cool & scary. The EZ FX Woochie Groovy Ghoul Makeup Kit includes a professional synthetic brush, colorless powder, makeup sponge, powder puff, and 3 cream makeup cards in the colors Dead Guy Grey, Undead Purple and Black cream makeup. Everything you need to be one with the dead, and the life beyond.