Woochie Deluxe Werewolf Brow Hair Appliance Kit

Deluxe Werewolf Makeup Kit.Includes: 2 Extra Large Werewolf Ears, Woochie Prosthetic and Latex prosthetic.*Spirit Gum Adhesive, Spirit Gum Remover, Makeup and Teeth Not Included.When only the best will do. Professional quality special fx make-up used in the film and theater industry. Let your imagination run wild with the Cinema Secrets Werewolf Ears prosthetics, featuring full latex ears. We give the easiest and most realistic looking bang for your buck. Spirit gum adhesive, spirit gum remover and makeup sold separately.
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Become the ravaging beast in the night with the Woochie Deluxe Werewolf Brown Hair Kit. This kit features textured theatrical creature hair in the color brown. Use it to fully complete your werewolf transformation this full moon, or any other hairy beast of cryptozoology.