Woochie 3D Burn Appliance

Woochie 3D Burn.Includes: One 3D Burn Woochie Appliance. Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens. *Costume, Makeup, Adhesive, Adhesive Remover and Blood Not Included. Sold Separately. 3D Burn Woochie Appliance. Attach with spirit gum then add blood and makeup to complete effect.
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Drag yourself from the ashes with the Woochie 3D Burn Appliance. This product features a single, flesh colored, large covering, latex appliance that has been hand painted with gory and grotesque details to resemble the scorching effects of fire. Due to the flesh color of the product, it can be easily enhanced with blood and makeup to make it as horrific as your imagination would like.