Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Wig

Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Wig.Includes: One Silk Spectre Adult Wig. Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens. *Wig Cap, Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. Complete your Silk Spectre costume with this Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Wig.
Brand: Watchmen
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Become the beautiful and skilled femme Fatale of the Watchmen when you don on the officially licensed Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Wig. This wig is styled after Laurie Juspeczyk from the movie with long brown hair and accompanying straight bangs. The hair is silky and flows naturally, so it works greats for those candid shots of Silk Spectre in action! The is adjustable, making for comfortable placement and wear. Once you have the wig, be ready to strap on that black & yellow suit and show the world you're not just some pretty thing.