Star Wars Clone Trooper Gree Child Costume

Star Wars Clone Trooper Gree Child Costume; Includes jumpsuit with attached body armor and attached shoe covers, bandolier, belt and two-piece mask. This is an officially licensed Star Wars The Clone Wars product.
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You too can lead the clone troopers during the Clone Wars in this Star Wars Clone Trooper Gree Child Costume. Similar-looking to a stormtrooper's armor, Gree's uniform contains some green on it so that he was able to camouflage during his time on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. The shins are white and the thighs are green. The abdomen is white with a green stripe in the center. The arms and shoulders contain both white and green colors. All the pieces on the costume have been molded to look like armor. The black bandolier lies across the chest and the white utility belt is designed to look like it's made up of many small compartments. The mask is almost bell-shaped with a see-through visor.