Japanese Girl Adult Wig

Japanese Girl Adult Wig.Includes: One black Japanese girl wig with pig tails.Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults.*Costume Not Included.The irresistible allure of oriental hair stylings. The Japanese Girl Wig is the perfect way to complete your asian themed costume.
Brand: Geisha
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Possessing the irresistible allure of Oriental hair stylings, the Japanese Girl Adult Wig is a specially designed wig that shows off the intricacy put into these traditional and culturally iconic looks.  The scalp part of the wig is short in the front and features a swooping v-bang and the rest ties off in the back in a long ponytail. The top part of the wig is a teased up bundle of hair with connected pigtails on each side that has been tied off with red ribbon. Despite all the hair, this wig still maintains a light weight and uses and elastic hair mesh to ensure a comfortable wear. Whether you're going for the appearance of a geisha or Japanese noble woman, this wig will help you pay your respects to the culture.