Inflatable Bull Rider Adult Unisex Costume

Inflatable Bull Rider Adult Unisex Costume
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Experience that thrilling 8 second ride with our Inflatable Bull Rider Adult Unisex Costume. It will appear as though you are a cowboy riding that bucking bull at the rodeo. Our adult Inflatable Bull Rider Costume includes a brown cowboy hat, red bandanna neck scarf, an inflatable brown bull jumpsuit with attached cowboy legs that is worn over the lower torso and battery operated fan. Simply slip the deflated bull rider costume on, turn on the battery-operated fan, zip up and wait while the costume inflates within seconds. Moving freely at the party will be no problem being that you can walk, dance, sit and stand comfortably since the costume deflates and inflates to your movement with the blowing fan. Let out a yee-haw and throw that arm back as you get the ride of your life in our Bull Rider Inflatable Costume.

*Shirt not included.