Hip-Hop Homeboy Adult Mens Costume

Hip-Hop Homeboy Adult Mens Costume
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Hip Hop Home Boy Adult Mens Costume

Includes: Tank top, blue jeans with underwear, hat and belt.


*Jewelry, Shoes, Glasses and Boom Box Not Included.


Here's an opportunity to poke fun at hip hop guys who wear their pants to low with their behinds and underpants hanging out. The Men's Hip Hop Home Boy costume comes with a mesh basketball tank top that says, "Hip Hop," and baseball cap that says, YO!" and blue jeans with attached underwear. The waistband of the underwear says, Wassup!" The costume also comes with a belt for reasons we don't understand - it obviously not holding up your pants! All together this is a hysterical way to tease your kids or simply to get some laughs.