Angry Birds Black Bird Child & Tween Costume

Angry Birds Black Bird Child & Tween Costume
Brand: Angry Birds
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Angry Birds Black Bird Child & Tween Costume

Includes: One black bird costume with two pillow pouches. 


 *Shirt, Pants and Shoes Not Included. Accessories Sold Separately.

Material: 100% Polyester.

Bomb your way to laughs in the Angry Birds Black Bird Childs Costume. Children love Angry Birds because they get to play it on their parent’s smartphone, and they get to destroy thieving green pigs. One of the most powerful birds, the Black Angry can explode creating structural damage and killing the several pigs at once. The Black Angry Bird ensemble is similar to that of a black bomb and features circular black body suit. The body of the outfit is similar to a black bomb with screen printed red eyebrows, giant white eyes with black pupils, dark blue under eye bags, a yellow bird beak and a blue tummy. For parents and siblings attending a Halloween costume party together, we also sell an adult size of this costume, and children’s and adult sizes of the Red Angry Bird, Yellow Angry Bird and Green Pig King costume.