80s Fishnet Adult Gloves (More Colors)

80s Fishnet Adult Gloves (More Colors)
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80s Fishnet Adult Gloves 

Includes: One Pair of Short 80s Neon Fishnet Adult Gloves.


Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens.


*Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately.


Our 80s Fishnet Adult Gloves are wrist length and the perfect to add to your totally awesome 80s costume. More recently the fishnet fingerless gloves have been turning up in pop culture on celebrities like Rihanna and Drew Barrymore. Add these fishnet fingerless gloves to your 1980s Madonna inspired costume with short skirt over leggings, multiple necklaces, rubber bracelets, lace hair bows and bleached untidy hair. Back in the days when a Valley Girl was the thing to be and the brighter the colors the better! Add these vintage glam rock gloves for a 80s punk rock look. One size fits most adults.