Woochie Universal Horns Prosthetic

Woochie Universal Horns.Includes: One Pair of Universal Prosthetic Horns.Available Size: Small or Large.*Spirit gum adhesive spirit gum remover and makeup sold separately.When only the best will do. Professional quality special fx makeup used in the film and theater industry. We give the easiest most realistic and the most frightening looking bang for your buck. Let your imagination run wild with the Cinema Secrets Small or Large Universal Horns prosthetic. Spirit gum adhesive spirit gum remover and makeup sold separately.
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Become any horned creature of lore and mythology with the Small or Large Universal Horns Prosthetic. These horns can be applied with any spirit gum adhesive, blended in and molded into your own flesh using flesh latex, and visually transformed using makeup to match any costume you are going for including devil, faun, or dragon. The small horns measure 1" in width and height, which the large horns measure 10" in length and 4" in width at the widest point.