Woochie Morning After Prosthetic

Woochie Morning After,When only the best will do. Professional quality special fx makeup used in the film and theater industry. We give the easiest most realistic and the most disgusting looking bang for your buck. Let your imagination run wild with Cinema Secrets Morning After featuring three piece handpainted latex prosthetics formed to look like open sores. Spirit gum adhesive spirit gum remover and gel blood sold separately
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Man, last night was rough, and you'll definitely be feeling it in the morning with the Woochie Morning After Prosthetic. This prosthetic features three pieces of hand-painted latex prosthetics of varying sizes formed to look like open sores, almost like a vampire who was burned for not running into hiding fast enough. Like most latex appliances, this can be applied almost anywhere you desired and attached using spirit gum adhesive and enhanced with both costume blood & makeup.