Star Wars Princess Leia Infant Costume

Princess Leia Infant Costume; Princess Leia Infant Costume is a super treat for any Star Wars and Princess Leia fans. This tiny and perfect Leia costume will transform your angel into a princess immediately. This cute costume includes a soft white robe, a printed belt and a head piece featuring the famously classic Danish hair buns. This fun outfit is so cute it will surely be the focus point of any party that you might attend.
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The Star Wars Princess Leia Infant Costume is Princess Leia from "A New Hope," where she was uploading her message of distress to R2-D2... "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Then Darth Vader was like BAM! and his stormtroopers were like PEW! Then she was captured. This adorable costume will transform your rancor into a princess immediately. Ensemble includes a soft, white robe with a printed belt of a silver hexagon and octagonal shapes. Brown bun headpiece included.