Shrieking Vampire Ground Breaker Prop

Shreiking Vampire Ground Breaker Prop
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The creatures of the night are coming for you and this Shrieking Vampire Ground Breaker Prop is no exception. The ground breaker prop features a shrieking vampire in a tattered stained top. The vampire is detailed with black synthetic hair, white-purplish skin, dripping blood & facial sores, and exposed fangs. It measures 18 inches wide and 10 inches high. When extended out, the prop's arms measure 25 inches. The prop's arms are constructed of a wire frame. They can be bent and positioned as you desire. The prop can also be used as a costume accessory. Just simply wrap the arms around your shoulders and you'll have the illusion of vampire grabbing you from behind. Be sure to decorate your haunted house or cemetery setting with this vampire ground breaker prop.