Jungle Camouflage Makeup Stack

Jungle Camouflage Makeup Stack.Includes: Brown, green, black, and grey cream makeup. *Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. Multi-color Makeup Stacks contain high-coverage cream makeup in stackable, reusable containers. Choose from one of our many color combinations to create the perfect design. Jungle Camouflage stack includes brown, green, black, and grey cream makeup.
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When you're behind enemy lines, you must be sneaky and learn to blend in with the background. Become a tactile solider with the Jungle Camouflage Makeup Stack, This makeup stack includes 4 different makeup cards stacked on top of one another consisting of the typical army camo colors of brown, green, black, and gray. This cream makeup formula always for a smooth, easy, and blendable application. Whether you hiding within the tall grass or the high tops of trees, this makeup will definitely help you from blowing your cover.